30 Christmas Pictures Reveal That Holidays Are Not Only About Stress But Also About a Little Bit of Fun

30 Christmas Pictures Reveal That Holidays Are Not Only About Stress But Also About a Little Bit of Fun

The Christmas rush is already over with sharing gifts with family and friends, so it is time to relax now. If it has to be a genuinely complete one, there must be fun things like pranks and jokes.

#1 Me and my wife are expecting in the new year, and here my sister’s name is Emily. This is working out so well.

Image source: Bricklettuce
#2 Christmas party with my wife’s family and suddenly my watch says

Image source: scottzee
#3 One of my buddy made up this unique Christmas tree

Image source: Aphelion93
#4 Here is how I protected my Christmas tree from my cat, who is afraid of tangerines

Image source: Iatrogenia
#5 New features

Image source: kevrone

#6 There is a story behind every picture

Image source: MayMyEnemiesLiveLong
#7 I was prohibited from helping with the Christmas decorations

Image source: drdalebrant
#8 Scavenger hunt? This is what was sent by my grandpa for three wise men

Image source: WizardlyJB__ps4
#9 This is how I did a remake of a mother’s favorite photo of 23 years old with an apron I saw while I was shopping

Image source: Deeplight
#10 This is the very first selfie of my aunt with the first smartphone she bought for Christmas

Image source: beaverkc
#11 True heroes

Image source: CalebMoshier
#12 Christmas in 2020

Image source: MonicaHesse
#13 I worked on my hair for an hour to make it look like a Christmas tree for a costume contest at work

Image source: dibbiluncan
#14 This is an idea of my sister

Image source: stalnoypirat
#15 My Christmas photo with my housemates

Image source: matafumar
#16 Mom delivers

Image source: BickertonMiss
#17 I thought of having a Christmas bear

Image source: ajallee
#18 See what I have found

Image source: RandomTho24
#19 Christmas card winner

Image source: AprilAncira
#20 Christmas wear, excellent wear

Image source: rrrroasted
#21 My mom bought us matching pajamas

Image source: Tenten32321
#22 When I was reading my girl’s Christmas list, I almost choked on my burger

Image source: stefanfection
#23 This Christmas card of my kitty and me was propounded “sacrilegious” by a 
few people. How do you see it?

Image source: tamagothecat
#24 Happy solstice

Image source: awwaygirl
#25 I made a card to make everyone enjoy

Image source: KojiKidd
#26 She was well satisfied with this

Image source: BobButtons
#27 This customer had the most astonishing decorations

Image source: corpsequeen96
#28 Don’t feel useless when you can turn on subtitles for the yule log

Image source: Shay_Mar
#29 My son’s letter to Santa

Image source: Cr3s3ndO
#30 This is the best place that teenagers won’t think it would be hidden

Image source: bbbbbbbbbb99

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